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When to Buy Patio Furniture?

When to Buy Patio Furniture?

Welcome back to the Premier Patio blog, the number one repository of patio and patio adjacent news! If you have found yourself here to this entry well then, I suspect you are looking for an answer to this question: ‘When should I buy patio furniture?’ It is a reasonable question, isn’t it? After all, seasonal items tend to get cheaper in the off season right. Well let’s get to work and into the nitty gritty about patio furniture purchasing!When to buy patio furniture

When to Buy Patio Furniture

As we mentioned, buying seasonal or designer items in the ‘off-season’ is a sure-fire way to get discounts absolutely. While here in Arizona we can be out using our patios year-round, that doesn’t mean every design is standard. In this way you can find ‘Summer 17’ styles for deep discounts late into the fall, if you are lucky.

This is most common at large chain retailers where the store shifts inventory based on the seasons. While people in San Diego may be able to use their patio furniture all year, their Walmart’s and Target’s will stop devoting the floor space to them and so their prices will dip into the clearance zones. Of course, this is for retail chain furniture, whose quality can be a little dubious.

You see, the flipside of playing the waiting game (as any frugal shopper is wont to do) is that the inventory you are hoping to grab is not guaranteed to be there. Any other frugal buyers with the same plan may hit their threshold for a deal sooner and scoop up the furniture you were hoping to get.

If you are dead set on wanting a style that has been released, you are better of purchasing when it is plentiful, to guarantee you are getting the furniture you would like. For you, the best time to buy furniture would be just before the summer season really kicks off such as around May.

So then, the best time to buy patio furniture is based around your goals. Whether you wish to secure a better deal, or get the exact pieces of patio furniture you are hoping for, the ‘best’ time to buy will shift, either early or late. Of course, there are always sales and deals to keep your eye out for and adjust your own timeline slightly.

Whether you are looking to score a hot deal or a hot set of deck chairs, Premier Patio has you covered. With a massive variety of styles and pieces you are sure to find the perfect piece of patio furniture to complete your décor. And when will be the best time to buy it? When you have found it!

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