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Water Feature Pottery for the Patio

Water Feature Pottery for the Patio

Hello, friends! If you’ve followed our blog, then you practically have a PhD in patios. We’ve covered everything from space heaters and patio plants to DIY projects and cleaning furniture. But slow down, Professor Patio. There is always more to learn. Today, we are going to run down everything you need to know about the most dynamic patio accessory: water feature pottery. Along with the fresh scent of flowers and the warm sun, the gentle patter of water adds to the relaxing ambiance of your prized patio. Sold? Then read on, dear reader, and delve into the secrets of water feature pottery.

water feature pottery water pouring from jar

The Art of Water Feature Pottery

Beyond the water, the sculpture is the most striking part of this type of pottery. A lot of care is poured into the form to compliment the water. In fact, water has been a key element in sculpture cross-culturally. For centuries, water feature pottery has symbolized peace and power, or wealth and wisdom. The water sculptures in Japan were reminders of the continuous flow of time, while the fountains in Versailles represented the king’s mastery over nature. In each case, the shape of the vessel added to the meaning. The Japanese pieces were smooth, organic shapes while those in Versailles were intricately carved with scenes of the king’s triumphs.

You see, water feature pottery is ripe with history. In today’s pottery, that history is still present in the shape of the sculpture. If you’re the sentimental type, you can tap into the rich history and imbue your patio space with meaning by purchasing pottery with different cultural backgrounds. For more contemporary tastes, the water feature pottery community is thriving and filled with talented artists from all over the world.

Maintaining Water Feature Pottery

Once your ceramic wonders are installed on the patio, there are several ways you can keep the water feature running smoothly.

  • Keep it Filled: the water pump shouldn’t be run without water in the fountain. The machinery will wear down if it is exposed for too long.
  • Clean it once a month: water feature pottery filters and reuses the same water, and after a month it can become stale and slimy. Dirty water can harm the filter and attract flies to your patio. Besides, you don’t want your friends and family to see any slime.
  • Be mindful of children: water feature pottery is great fun for children, and the plopping water invites them over to play. Make sure they are gentle with the pottery. Many fountains are filled with small stones the perfect size to choke on. Keep an especially close eye on small children.
  • Do not let the water freeze: for you folks who decide to live in miserable cold climates, drain the water when winter rolls around. Frozen water will ruin the pump and/or crack the pottery.
  • Unplug when you’re cleaning: please don’t touch the electrical plug or pump connection with wet hands.

Fun and Creative Projects

Water feature pottery creates a ton of space for creativity! Over the years, we’ve had people tell us about some of their amazing DIY projects that spiced up their patio space. Here are some of our favorites to help you brainstorm for your own patio project:

One person turned their pottery into a canvas for their children to paint on. Don’t fool yourselves, parents, you love your kid’s sloppy art projects. It’s like marking their height in crayon–one more painful reminder of their youth for you to mull over during your midlife crisis. You can make it a fun learning experience too! Kids will have a blast trying to paint them like Egyptian pottery or ancient cave drawings. Teach on, Professor Patio!

Another person tapped into their love of cinema and turned each pot into a scene from their favorite movie! We’re talking Finding Nemo. We’re talking The Little Mermaid. We’re talking Pirates of the Caribbean. Needless to say, their children loved it. They got to swim in the ocean with Nemo and ride the high seas with Captain Jack Sparrow–it was like installing grin-machines right in their backyard!

Or, you can install colored lights in the water. At night, misty blue or vibrant green light is a wonderful addition to the patio’s ambiance. There are plenty of cheap waterproof lights that can shift colors so you can tailor the color for the evening.


water feature pottery lights pots and water

Find Me some Water Feature Pottery!

Quiet creeks, ebbing tides, the water fountain outside your elementary school gym–the sound of water is synonymous with relaxation and refreshment. Water feature pottery is a wonderful tool for bringing those qualities to your patio.

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