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The Best BBQ Patio Action You Can Have This Side of the Mississippi

The Best BBQ Patio Action You Can Have This Side of the Mississippi

It’s almost here, or just passed depending on when we post this… Well regardless, it’s July 4th and if its already past, A) we’re sorry and B) It’s the summer so these things can be applied to any BBQ you may throw for the next couple of months. To make the perfect BBQ event you need several components: Food, Drinks, Activities. This time we’re going to look at the food.

Grill Outside the Box

Sure, you could throw some store-bought burgers and dogs on the grill and no one would bat an eye. That’s the standard, the expected. But you want to go above and beyond the expected, right? So how do you take it up a notch. BBQ calls to mind some specific foods so why not go above the lowest tier market ground burger and whip up some beef ribs!  Replace hot dogs with smoked sausages.

Want to go above even that? Check out these chili garlic chicken skewers. Grilled chicken is a classic outdoor dish but upping the flavor with chili and garlic as well as a yogurt sauce? Now you’re the top dog of the neighborhood BBQ.

What about sides? Watermelon is another classic grill food, being the juicy fruit of choice for any summertime get together. Kick it up a notch by tossing it on the grill with smoked salt and jalapeno rings following this recipe.

Don’t think we’ve forgotten you vegetarian friends! Everybody loves a good grill even those who abstain from meat eating. Following our previous skewer recommendation, how about these grilled caprese skewers? The harder cheese has a higher melting point so you won’t end up with a molten cheese puddle in the grill.

With some outside the box thinking the food situation will be decidedly handled for your next BBQ.  Next time we’ll look at some great summer drinks to mix up and supplement the classic beer and beer lites.

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