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The Best BBQ Patio Action You Can Have This Side of the Mississippi 3: Action!

The Best BBQ Patio Action You Can Have This Side of the Mississippi 3: Action!

The grill is roaring, the drinks are mixed, your BBQ is already streets ahead of the neighbors (not that anyone’s counting) but eating and drinking aren’t the only things people are here for! They’re there for a good time! So, let’s bust out the 2×4’s, bean bags, and get the party started!

If you have a pool, and really in Arizona if you’re throwing a barbeque you better have a large body of water for people to dunk in. In the pool play games like King of the Tube. If you’ve got a spot for it, put up a volleyball net and let the battle begin!

If the party is a little less rambunctious, or folks would simply prefer to stay dry, then there are plenty of excellent ideas. If you have the yard for it, perhaps made up of AstroTurf or if you diligently take care of your grass then you may want to show it off! In which case setting up a croquet course can be a fun way to completely utilize the outdoor space, with people moving about the course.

If you’re feeling particularly handy, you can whip up ‘giant’ versions of classic games, like Jenga or Scrabble to play on the lawn, everyone knows the rules and the giant-ness of them make them more physically active than their original counterparts.

What about looking forward by looking back? Bring the classics like a potato sack race back! Seriously has anyone actually raced one in recent memory? What about a three-legged race? By bringing back those old simple, classics – think anything you’ve seen in the Little Rascals- can make for a memorable BBQ event.

We’ve given you new foods, drinks, and game suggestions, now it’s up to you to make your dream a reality. We hope your BBQ is the best one you’ve ever thrown and we look forward to catching you back here next time. We’ll look at more content fit to print in the realm of patios.


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