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Spring Cleaning Your Patio

Spring Cleaning Your Patio

Spring has officially come and in a few more weeks it will be peak patio weather! Over the past few months here on the Premier Patio blog, we have given you tons of tips and know-how on the differences between certain pieces and materials, the proper way to heat and/or shade the space. A whole lot! So now, it’s time. Get out your gloves, throw on an old college t-shirt: it is Spring Cleaning time for your patio!

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Time to De-Grime

If your patio is made up mostly of concrete it can be time to give it the thorough cleaning it needs. Clear all plants, furniture, decorations etc. off the area Sweep up and dispose of any debris like leaves or sand. Now, get the trusty garden hose out and give it a rinse down! Look for particular problem spots like oily or grime spots. Using a solution of 10 parts warm water to 1 cleaner (environmentally safe of course!) Apply and let the mixture stand for about 10-15 minutes, use a stiff brush or broom to scrub and rinse! Repeat as necessary and enjoy the fresh look! If that doesn’t do it, it may be time to bring out the big guns on the tough stain – bleach. Add a cup of bleach to you solution and give it another go.

Simple Sides & Steps Step

Hose down the steps and siding! Or, because this is Arizona and we value water conservation use a bucket and rag and simply wipe down the exterior walls of your home. They accumulate a lot of grit and dirty, and bring the whole look down a surprising amount. By simply washing these surfaces up the overall appearance of your patio will skyrocket!

Rinse and Wash Furniture

If you have a patio full of powder coated aluminum pieces then you made a wise investment with pieces that have protective coating. That doesn’t mean they will always stay looking their best! Give it a gentle wipe down with a soft cloth, brush or even sponge from the kitchen. You’re not looking to scrub off the finish, just provide a bit of upkeep.

If your furniture is rattan or wicker you will need a bit of detail precision. Get an old toothbrush, the perfect tool for getting into the small crevices of the furniture and brush out the dirt. Same as the others, use a soft cloth or sponge to wipe down the rest of the furniture gently.

Cushion Cleaning

While you are at it cleaning up the furniture, if you have cushions they could use a looking after! They’ve been sitting outside all winter hardly getting much use so, just like everything else they probably hve a fair coating of dust and dirt. Give them a good tossing to get the dirt and dust free and them scrub them (if the fabric allows!) Mix a quart of warm water and a spoon of dishwashing detergent. Grab a sponge and wash all sides of the cushions. Let them sit for about 20 minutes before rinsing with a hose. Let the cushions dry completely in the sun before using again.

Brighten Up the Lights

Any light fixtures posted up outside are bound to accumulate a lost of dust and dirt. This is Arizona after all! So, to fix that, grab a foam paintbrush, spray some window cleaner on it and get in there to clean the glass, inside and out! Dry and boom, you will have unadulterated light flowing through your patio once more!

After you have given all the various pieces of surfaces and furniture a good wipe down and allowed to dry, your patio will be ready for the spring and coming summer! You will be ready to host all the upcoming BBQ and summer pool parties!

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