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Protecting Your Outdoor Furniture

Protecting Your Outdoor Furniture

If you are like us -and we suspect you are if you are reading our Premier Patio blog!- then you have put a ton of effort into making your outdoor space the best it can be. It is an extension of your home. You have invested time, money, and a whole lot of sweat getting it just the way you like it. Are you going to go and let a little bit of Mother Nature ruin that? We sure hope not. Here is how to protect your outdoor furniture and living spaces.

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Covers. They are essentially castle walls for your furniture. Sure we don’t get much for inclement weather here in Arizona, we do on occasion find ourselves getting absolutely poured on by monsoons. Meanwhile, dust and sun are year-round threats to your patio furniture. A cover beats all of them handily.

Get yourself some thick covers, something durable (after all that’s the point of these things, to make what they are covering last). A cover with a polyurethane coating will be your best bet, as these provide the best protection against all types of weather, even snow if you are in the few places in Arizona to be lucky enough to have it.

Quality furniture covers do so much for the furniture. Cushions on outdoor couches will keep their new looks much, much longer. The covers block out the amount of sun exposure, drastically reducing the amount of color fading UV rays blasting them. Sure in Arizona the Sun may try to shine 365, but with the proper cover, your furniture will keep its original colors.

Cleaning won’t be as big of a concern either! Having an impromptu backyard barbeque? Don’t worry what the cushions will look like, simply take the covers off and you will be in business. The outdoor furniture will remain vibrant, dry, relatively dust-free, and clean, ready for action.

We have talked about the usefulness of patio covers elsewhere on the blog and if this is a topic of interest to you search those out, or reach out to us together we can build the best defensive for your perfect outdoor space.


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