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Premier Patio Furniture Buying Guide

Premier Patio Furniture Buying Guide

Welcome back to another edition of the Premier Patio blog! Here on the blog we try and provide you, our readers, with all the useful knowledge they need to design, decide, and decorate your patio or backyard space! Last time we took a look at when are the best times to buy patio furniture (spoilers: depends! Either early summer/late spring or late into the fall) and that had us thinking, maybe it is time to give a much more in-depth patio furniture buying guide! And so, here it is.patio furniture buying guide furniture tips table

The Premier Patio Furniture Buying Guide

When it comes to buying patio furniture there a number of things to take into account. While we previously discussed the time to buy, it is time to go over some of those other crucial little details that can make or break your patio furniture buying. Guides like this are scattered over the internet, of course, but we are taking our expertise and some key pieces of advice from other sources such as the reputable Better Home & Garden.

Take Stock of the Space

Before heading off to the shop, it would serve you well to spend some time deciding what exactly are the perimeters of your space is. Is there a deck area you are planning for, a built-in fireplace to add seating around? Things like this, and actual measurements will help you decide if pieces are within our outside of your possibilities.

Determine Your Needs and Style

Now that you have an idea of the space you need to fill, it is time to do some more groundwork. Decide whether you want furniture that will last, does not need tons of upkeep, or fits a theme. You may already have a few pieces that you are looking to build around. Have this in mind as you begin to browse.

What pieces do you need? A fire place? Seating for 6? With a clear blue print in mind you will know exactly what to focus on.

Take a Seat

Now that you have a clear plan in mind, you are at the store and looking for furniture that fits your space as well as style. Before grabbing that sofa, take a seat and take a load off! While the furniture may fit everything else perfectly, you won’t be using much if it’s terribly uncomfortable! Ensure that you will enjoy your time outside by having comfy furniture!

These are the three important things to take into account when looking for patio furniture. It might not seem like much of a ‘guide’ but the truth is with these three pieces in place (and knowing when to purchase) you can be sure that your patio situation is in peak status. When you have taken all these steps and are ready to buy patio furniture, contact us and together we can outfit your patio to perfection.


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