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Phoenix in February! From Premier Patio

Phoenix in February! From Premier Patio

It’s February and winter is still sticking around. For a few weeks there in January it felt like Spring was already here but guess not. So, it’s a little chilly yet, and maybe you and yours are not spending your time out on the porch, not using the patio to the full potential. We get it! We have been there too, no matter how nice and well put together the space is, if its cold or actually uncomfortable outside it is hard to get cozy and put it to use. Maybe you have family in town and they’re itching to do something? Well, for this entry on the Premier Patio blog, we decided to take a look at some of the things happening in our local Phoenix metro area this February!

things to do in phoenix museum

Phoenix in February!

Before we get too far into the month! First, the Waste Management Phoenix Open is wrapping up here this first week, if you are into golf then you already know all about that. Going forward, here are some more events upcoming to check out in Phoenix!

These events aren’t at any specific time in February but are ongoing through the month and beyond. You can certainly wait to check out some of them, but why do tomorrow what can be done today?

Harmony of the Ancients from Henan Museum – Ancient Musical Treasures from Central China

The Musical Instrument Museum is hosting this exhibit from the Henan Museum. It runs until May 6th, 2018.

Cheese Slice Exhibit

Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art hosts this… interesting event goes daily, with the Art Guys (an art duo) using laughs to teach the art of cutting cheese. No, not like that! We don’t think… This started in January and will run til March 28th.

Dinosaurs in the Desert

The Phoenix Zoo/Arizona Center for Nature Conservation is the home to 23 prehistoric, extinct monsters have moved into the desert! The zoo, open daily, has this self-guided tour to view the dinos in their natural-ish habitat. The exhibit runs daily til April 30th.

Celebration of Fine Art

Rain or shine, visitors can show up and observe artists working in a wide range of mediums. A café is on hand too. This will run daily til March 25th up in Scottsdale.

Jun Kaneko at the Desert Botanical Garden

This exhibit is included with the price of admission when you enter the Desert Botanical Garden. Jun Kaneko is an internationally renowned Japanese American artist whose work is displayed in more than 40 museum collections.  The work is in bronze and ceramic forms with colorful pieces including Tanuki raccoon-dogs. The work is on display through May 13th.

The Art of Ice Cream Experience

Now here’s an art we can really get behind. Running daily through the end of February, the 28th. An interactive experience detailing our love affair with ice cream, the exhibit hosted in downtown Scottsdale features a number of different pieces as well as delicious treats to enjoy.

Pompeii: The Exhibition

The Arizona Science Center is bringing the past to the present! Daily from 10AM to 5PM, visitors to the center will be transported through time to the busy port and city of Pompeii. There are over 200 artifacts on loan from the Naples National Archaeological Museum in Italy bringing that world to life. Visit and see sculptures of bronze and marble, jewelry and Roman coins, wall-sized frescoes and so much more. This exhibit will teach how the people of Pompeii lived, worked, worshiped, and loved.

This is just a handful of the things going on around the Valley this February. We are lucky to be living in Phoenix with such a massive wealth of opportunities and adventures just at our fingertips, even if we like to lounge outdoors and enjoy the good weather year-round. Speaking of, if you need to get your outdoor patio space situated, simply give us a call or send us a message and your patio can be your new living space!

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