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Patio Styles: Mediterranean

Patio Styles: Mediterranean

Here at Premier Patio we offer several different patio furniture stylings. This month we covered a lot of fun stuff on throwing a stellar BBQ get together, but we didn’t really mention the necessity of furniture in that occasion. Likely you already have a few pieces of seating, a dining or end table in your patio space. The next couple of weeks we wanted to talk a little bit about the styles of patio furniture we have, this time it’s the Mediterranean.

When you think Mediterranean, what comes to mind? The seaside villas of Greece? Those large rectangular palatial estates of Italy? The style of architecture saw a revival in the Americas during the 20s and 30s, but when it comes to patios the style is still going strong. The furniture that fits this Mediterranean style is rectangular and simple, often featuring plain or striped patterns. Couches, chairs, and chaises al have thick, square cushioning, while the frames themselves are simple, unadorned, thin legs and backs. Nothing too ornate here, the goal is to reflect a simpler time. Tables are similar with simple flat tops with thin legs at right angles.  The arms of chairs, if they have any, may see a simple curve styling at the front reflective of Ionic columns and that is the extent of their flair.

The Mediterranean is meant to be a subdued yet attractive style of furniture but provide a high level of comfort without being overly gaudy. A classical representation of comfort and living spaces, that when set near a pool will turn your patio area into a Greek aristocrat’s villa. While the tried and true plastic and card tables can do the trick of providing seats and a dining surface in a pinch but if you’re hoping to entertain and really elevate the experience, echoing classical taste is hardly the worst move. We’ll be back next time when we look at more patio content fit to print.

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