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Patio Styles: Grand Canyon

Patio Styles: Grand Canyon

Back again for my style rundowns? Last time on the blog we looked at the Mediterranean style of patio furniture we offer, going over just what typifies a ‘Mediterranean’ patio. This time around we are going to go to the other side of the world, but one much more familiar with us. This style we call Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon style is standard across all pieces. When it comes to seating, the seat is rectangular and thick cushion, while the back is more rounded, in an almost overstuffed appearance, all for maximum comfort as you sink into it.  Obviously, the cushions can be swapped so what then makes the Grand Canyon, so grand? The styling of the seats, the frames are thick, simple, right angled pieces. Almost all the style pieces are designed to sit low, echoing their namesake. Tables meanwhile are simple flat tops with right angles. To compare to others we’ve talked about, like the Mediterranean the Grand Canyon are simple, however they are thicker. They also lack the Ionic scroll curvature that is present on the Mediterranean arms, trading in that flair for simpler, robust arms.

Simple, functional, spacious and comfortable.  The Grand Canyon is a grand style standard to set up your home’s patio spaces with creating a solid foundation. This is especially true if you already have a unique central piece that will undoubtedly draw and dominate the eye. The Grand Canyon is the stylish backdrop for anything else you can imagine building in your backyard.

These have been just two of the styles here are Premier Patio AZ. There are plenty more, with their own individual flourishes that all can accent or set the tone for whatever your personal premier patio is or can be. From stylish, simple, and functional, to classical elegance we’ve got the furniture for you. We’ll catch you next time on the blog, until then enjoy your summer!

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