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Make Your Patio Shine With These Outdoor Décor Lights

Make Your Patio Shine With These Outdoor Décor Lights

There is a critical piece to any living space, a specific feature that without which, well we would all be hard pressed to really get the most out of it. Heck, we wouldn’t be able to see it. That’s right, we are talking about lights. We have spent plenty of time on furnishings, décor, even yard types, but I am not sure we have ever taken the time to discuss just how important lighting is to the whole thing. Aside from illuminating the space, they can do a whole lot more, and look great themselves doing it! Let’s talk about outdoor décor lights and all their uses.

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Outdoor Décor Lights Uses and Ideas

Mark Pathways, Perimeters

Lights will illuminate your path but you don’t need large street lights to do it! Simple smaller post like lamps go a long way to showing the way. By having these spaced out and alternating on either side of a walkway you create an idea of the pathway for guests to follow safely. In the dark desert nights that can be all you need!

Create Color and Visual Texture

Lights can add more than just illuminate and brighten up a stone walkway. If they are placed near plants for instance, the shadows created from the greenery make for a night time charm. You won’t have to stop enjoying your finely crafted garden just because the sun has set!

Indirect Lighting

When it comes to lighting your outdoor sitting and gathering places, you want to place light high up. Think about where the lighting is in your home, always above you! That is because no one wants harsh bright bulbs at eye level when they’re sitting outside enjoying the décor. It is supposed to be cozy, not craze-inducing.

Light the Hardscapes

Hardscapes are especially popular here in the Valley where plant life can be a bit more difficult to cultivate. Use outdoor LED tape to line the underside of ledges, walls, or outdoor kitchen features to shed some serious light in style! Certain surfaces will need more than just the adhesive surface of the tape, so be prepared with support clips.

Targeted Lighting

Like lighting a pathway for nighttime strolls, lighting is often used for a purpose, not just to brighten the yard indiscriminately. If your patio or outdoor space has objects of particular significance such as a statue or a fountain, then uplighting can put a spotlight on the piece.

Play with Shadows

Lights are of course incredibly useful for making sure you can see your way around when you’re outdoors, but they also have the effect of creating drastic shadows. This one is more for style and less for substance but it bears mentioning. If you want to make your home look striking, carefully placed light fixtures can go a long way.

Mix it Up

When it comes to laying out pathways of light posts and fixtures, it can be easy to fall into the trap of making them all uniform. Some folks may like that look, like a row of neat soldiers standing at the ready, but if you want to spice it up just a bit more, simply grab a few different styles of lights.

Less Can Be More

We mentioned when it comes to illuminating a walkway that you want to provide just enough light to give the idea of it. That’s kind of what we are still talking about here. Placement of lighting is critical and if you spread your light around rather than blast it everywhere the look will be much more pleasant.

Moon Lighting

Now, this is a pretty novel concept, and honestly, if your yard is xeriscaped like many in the valley it may not be useful but still. Moon lighting is the process of putting lights high up in trees, say 30 or 40 feet up to give your yard the most natural looking lighting, as if it was always a full moon shining down into your yard.


Take this advice to heart and put it into practice and you will have a gorgeous patio or outdoor space, morning, day, or night! Your walkways will be safe, your trees and statues uplit, and your guests not blinded by eye level harsh lighting. As we finish off the winter months having lighting can be even more important. If your lighting is locked in and you need some fresher furnishing contact us and let us help you enjoy your yard!

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