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Getting Patio Prepped for Spring and Summer

Getting Patio Prepped for Spring and Summer

Hey! Happy New Year! It’s 2018 already! Man this winter sure has been flying by. Which, if we are quite honest is a -okay with us. The cold can be a bit unbearable and nobody wants to spend any time outdoors enjoying our spaces we put so much effort into. But if winter is going so quick then in no time at all it will be spring and summer! Which means now is the best time to get prepped for the coming seasons!

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Two huge factors in getting your patio prepped are these: maintenance and new pieces.

Maintenance is the stuff like cleaning, fixing, repairing or otherwise addressing the work your patio pieces may need. The fact of the matter is, even the most sturdy, durable pieces of patio furniture do wear down over time. If you have a chair that’s fabric is coming loose or a grill that is a little wonky, now is the time to make the calls and get them sorted. No one is expecting you to be grilling up burgers during January and February so it is the perfect time to have these items in the shop. Since you’re in no rush either, take the time necessary to find the best deal on your repair services now. You will have found your new go-to guy!

When we say new pieces we mean updating your space with new furniture and surfaces. January is a crucial time for it for a couple of reasons. One, just like mentioned in the maintenance portion before, you are in no rush to be entertaining people the next few months, so you have the time to really look and find the pieces you need or want. Meanwhile, the sellers are also looking to clear out their stock giving a shrewd shopper a perfect opportunity to scoop up quality pieces for dirt cheap!

Obviously, there are a number of other things you can do during the chilly months to make sure you are as ready as can be for spring and summer. Maybe we will cover more of them later. As for now get started with repairs and scooping up new pieces. We here are Premier Patio can get you started with some really great pieces of patio furniture. You might even call them premier.

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