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Everything You Need to Know: Patio Heaters

Everything You Need to Know: Patio Heaters

We are now well and truly into Fall! Every year it seems like a gamble whether it’s going to be chilly and pumpkin spice weather by the time October rolls around but here it is. Now it’s time to make up for all the summer when we were forced to avoid the oppressive heat! It’s a fine line between chilly and freezing though, so to avoid you from finding yourself frozen outside, here’s a handy dandy rundown of patio heaters.

patio heaterPatio Heaters

Patio heaters come in three main varieties based on their fuel sources. While the styles can range widely, the big differences are whether the heaters operate off electricity, propane, or natural gas.

Natural Gas

A natural gas heater is going to be a permanent fixture in your patio space. This is because its fuel is provided via a fixed gas line and requires a professional to install. Once those costs have been allocated however, natural gas heaters are much cheaper and more environmentally friendly to use as they don’t require changing fuel tanks.

Propane Gas

Propane gas heaters, while being a bit more costly over the long term thanks to their fuel tanks, are more portable and easy to use. They don’t require professionals to come out to your patio and install them and if you ever decide to rearrange your space its as easy as rolling your heater around.


Electric run the gamut. Since they can be powered by a simple plug, so long as you have the proper extension cords you can have your heater wherever you need it. It’s also less expensive to operate as compared to a propane fueled heater.

Styles Patio Heaters

While those are the 3 fuel sources for patio heaters, here are some of the distinctive styles of heaters you can bring out to your patio space to make it the most comfortable for you.

Heaters can vary a great deal, not just by fuel source but sizes and spaces they are suited to heat as well. On the smaller end of the scale we have tabletop and hanging patio heaters. Tabletop units operate off propane and are ideal for smaller areas like balconies. Most hanging heaters are almost all electric and have heat levels between under 10,000 to 30,000 BTUs.

The next size up are mounted heaters. These will be attached or mounted into walls. These are more likely to be electric but they could be natural gas powered.

The most commonly seen patio heater is the standing unit. Seen on bar patios all over the Valley, these run off propane tanks and have a wide variety in sizes and styles.  Standing heaters can also be natural gas fueled and be permanent fixtures but the portability of them is what sees their use so frequently.

We will pause there for this entry in the Premier Patio blog discussion on patio heaters. Come back next time where we will offer a few tips on what to look for when choosing your heater as well as tips on how to safely maintain them. Til then enjoy the weather!

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