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Don’t Let Your Hard Work Go Up In Flames

Don’t Let Your Hard Work Go Up In Flames

Last time on the Premier Patio blog we talked about the work necessary to get your patio space up and ready for spring and summer (whenever they decide to come along!) and gave a few pieces of advice. This time, for our second entry in 2018 we are going to keep right along with that advice bent.  While the danger may not be year-round (or so you think) a fire erupting in your patio can spell bad news not just for your furniture but friends and family, of course. Follow these steps and ensure a safe, happy time on the patio.

  1. Choose a Spot

Have you decided the thing your patio really needs, especially in these cool months, is a fire pit? Well, it is certainly not a bad idea! Before you go assembling the logs and kindling on the porch take a look around. Make sure that any fire will be a minimum of 10 feet away from any structures or surfaces that can catch flame. If that isn’t possible with your current layout, well then its time for our favorite part – rearranging furniture!

  1. Start it Safe

Unless you have a quality gas fire pit, steer entirely clear from using any liquids that are flammable to start the fire. A properly made fire won’t require lighter fluid or gasoline to get going, those are just making it more dangerous. Know what you are doing and you won’t require their dangerous help.

  1. Extinguish Expertly

When the fire is all enjoyed and everyone is ready to head out, make sure the fire does too. Using water or sand, make sure the flames are properly disposed of and that the coals and embers are not capable of catching flame again without notice.

Taking the necessary precaution in having a fire is the responsibility of anyone who wishes to have one. Follow other guidelines as provided by the specific rangers, and environmental folks. Look for ‘No Burn Days’ for instance and make sure you are following all regulations and restrictions. Do not stand nearby the fire while wearing flammable clothes etc.

This list is far from exhaustive as the strategies for both properly building and extinguishing a fire but being vigilant is the number one key to make sure the whole process is safe and enjoyable for everyone.

Winter nights can be made a whole lot of fun with a healthy, roaring blaze. Just make sure you are careful and

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