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DIY Yard Projects Part 6: Everything Else

DIY Yard Projects Part 6: Everything Else

cozy patio area

Alright it’s time for our final entry on this month-long DIY inspiration-avaganza. There are hundreds of smaller projects you can do to liven up your patio or backyard that have yet to be covered so today we are going through a fast and furious rundown of small, simple projects to spice up your space.

  • Splash Green
    • Have a patio but rocky backyard? Get a rug that looks like grass, or even a section of astro-turf to give your patio a real ‘yard’ feel.
  • Pallets Galore!
    • We mentioned them in building a bar but really the number of things you can do with these is staggering. If you need a little extra seating why not build a small sofa, or design a good flower display. Pull them apart and build a wooden walkway!
  • Upgrade the Fence
    • If you have a drab, basic backyard fence, you can do several things to spice it up. One from Garden Drama is to drill holes in the wood and fill them with colored marbles. When the sun is passing through, you’ll have a rainbow of gorgeous colors.
  • Tin Lanterns
    • Take some tin cans, punch small holes in the sides and place a candle (or LED candle) inside and you’ll have brought a warm glow to your backyard.
  • Planters Don’t Have to be Practical
    • Plenty of fun things can be converted to a planter. Throw up a chain around it, paint it and it can hang some beautiful vegetation. Grab an old colander or tire and make it work!
  • Liven Up the Lighting
    • Lots of different ways to do this. Wrap trees with lights, string them from the roof or along a wall. Create your own chandelier even!
  • Paint Pavers
    • Pavers are a frequent feature in the Southwest, giving us a relatively easy pathway across our often-rocky landscapes. So why not add some life to them and paint a pattern?

These have been just a few more of the limitless DIY projects you can do to inject some more personality into your yard or patio space. And if the project goes a little sideways, or isn’t something you’re interested in, well you know just the place to pick up quality furniture.

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