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DIY Yard Projects Part 5: Fire Pits

DIY Yard Projects Part 5: Fire Pits

fire pits

This DIY train is just going to keep on chugging! We have previously covered tons of stuff so far, backyard bars, garden playhouses, pizza ovens, planters, and more. Today we are going to take a look at something that you could no doubt get a lot of use out of as the summer months wind down and we enter the occasionally chilly fall and winter. A DIY fire pit!

Fire Pits

Fire pits can be built in a wide number of styles. It can be as simple a floor of bricks, or as complex as a built-in stone seating arrangement arrayed around a custom stone pit.

For a simple stone fire pit that you could make costing under $100 easy. Head down to any home improvement store and get your hands on some pavers.  You will want some square or rectangular, thin pavers for the floor of the fire pit, while thicker ones will build up the sides of it.  Build the fire pit walls up and then lay the flat pavers to create the floor. Fill a layer of sand above that and you’ll be ready to go. If you want to make the walls more secure, feel free to seal with concrete or mortar between the pavers.

If you’d like to make it fancier, use some nicer pavers or bricks, then dig out the surrounding area of the fire pit. Lay down landscape fabric if your yard has weed issues and then cover the space with crushed stone.

The style, materials, and size of fire pits can vary so widely that there is no worry that you can’t build exactly what you want. With just a little bit of planning, your fire pit dreams can go a long way and depending on what you are looking to spend that can be as affordable or extravagant as you wish. You can always just buy a small prebuilt fire pit, but where is the fun in that?

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