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DIY Yard Projects Part 4: Garden Playhouse

DIY Yard Projects Part 4: Garden Playhouse

tree house

Back again for part FOUR of our ongoing DIY Inspiration series? We have previously covered the basics of DIY planters, backyard bars, and the hefty project of pizza ovens. This time we are looking at something a little different, a new take on a familiar classic. The Treehouse.

The treehouse is a classic of backyard fun, built up or around the strong trunk of a family favorite tree, a personal clubhouse, get away that every kid dreams about. In Arizona at least, those broad trees are in short supply, and the resources needed to keep a lush green yard means most folks keep a xeriscape style yard. With this plan however, the rocks over trees approach of most of the valley doesn’t matter!

You’ll be building a raised platform, open walled structure that sits off the ground. Starting with four      4 x 4’s cut to six or eight ft. high, standing on end. About 2 feet off the ground you’ll create a frame of 2 x 4s creating a floor whatever size you like. Laying planks across this will create the floor you will spend cool fall days laid out on and reading. Place planks around the perimeter, just two or three, to create a basic fence, keeping the open air flowing but preventing any unfortunate tumbles. Then build the roof, a simple slanted plywood sheet will do fine with some shingles atop it if you really feel like getting fancy.

Then just sand it, paint it and build a little ladder to walk up, and begin the outdoor decorating! Throw in some pillows and cushions, maybe put up some basic curtains or clothes to block out some sun or provide privacy and you’ll have created a perfect backyard getaway. Look at pictures of a similar garden playhouse  to get further inspiration of how you would like to build or decorate yours.

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