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DIY Yard Projects Part 3: Pizza Ovens

DIY Yard Projects Part 3: Pizza Ovens

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Continuing with our ongoing series of DIY projects for your backyard spaces, we’ve covered basic DIY planters (see Part 1) and last time we looked at drinks (Part 2, DIY Backyard Bars). This time let’s look at something food related!

DIY Backyard Pizza Oven

This project requires a bit more work, and a bit more know-how than our previous entries, but luckily you will not be going into uncharted territory. Many have come before and worked out how to build a backyard pizza oven in a variety of different ways. Find a style you like, whether its building it completely yourself or combining DIY and manufactured parts. You can build the actual oven yourself, a complex project but not particularly impossible, likely building the dome will be the hardest part, or buy a manufacturer’s and place it on the top of your own homemade base. Regardless the pizza oven requires three parts, in various amounts of materials depending on the size of the project. This is meant as an inspirational post so we’ll leave the hard number crunching up to you.


As mentioned, there are numerous ways to go about the base.  You can do a simple base of cinder blocks or brick and mortar. You will want this to go at least to chest height, as you won’t want to be bending over too far to pull out your delicious pizza.


Likely the trickiest part in the endeavor is the building of a dome. One way is to build out the dome shape with sand, then lay a layer of newspaper over the sand. Then, you will use a clay mixture to surround the sand dome. Let dry (this shouldn’t take too long in the AZ heat!) and you’ll be ready to dig out the sand and have a solid oven dome.


After that, you’ll want to build up a basic structure to protect the oven from the elements. This can be a simple brick or wooden wall with a pitched roof, so long as the dome itself isn’t subject to rain or other inclement weather (what little we get!) it should be fine.

If building up a DIY backyard pizza oven is something you are interested in, by all means the research, outlines, and even CAD plans are out there just waiting to be used. We’ll see you next time on the blog!

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