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DIY Yard Projects Part 2: Bars

DIY Yard Projects Part 2: Bars


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Welcome back to the Premier Patio blog! Last time we began our tour of some great DIY projects to spice up your outdoor living spaces. Last time we looked at some basic DIY planter ideas so if you’re looking to make your patio more green and vivacious go on back to Part 1 of this series. As for today’s entry, we’re going to go over a few simple DIY bars anyone with a few tools can whip up.

Backyard DIY Bar

Building out of deconstructed wood pallets is sort of the Thing right now. So why not wrangle up a few of those to make yourself the unique, personal counter to dish up drinks you want. Take two, cut one in half and place the halves on either side of the remaining whole pallet, top with some boards and there you go! Another could be to take a pallet, stand it on its side. Then create a counter top with a couple boards and secure them to the top side of the pallet. You now have a thin bar top! Stain it to your liking and you’ll be looking fancy. You can even put some wheels on it and make it a removable bar.

Some other simple drink set ups? Take a wheelbarrow, fill it with some ice and you got a rustic backyard cooler! Get some old pipes, build it to the shape you like, lay a board atop the pipe framework and boom, a simple, sturdy drink cart.

A little bit more cumbersome, but if you have an old wooden picnic table laying around, you can remove the center board and replace it with a sunken in trough. Fill with ice and you have a table with a built in cooler space! Might not be the most insulated but if you’re looking to make things look a bit fancier for a nicer occasion this might suit your need.

The folks at Woohome have a whole mess of more creative and low budget DIY ideas for an outdoor bar, so feel free to check them out for some more inspiration! Come back next when we look at more DIY projects for your yard.

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