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5 Desert Plants for the Perfect Winter Patio

5 Desert Plants for the Perfect Winter Patio

Colorful patio plants Ah, the patio. Is there any more relaxing space? A perfect place to kick your feet up, sit with friends, and just enjoy the moment. Life sure is good on the patio.

The right furniture sets the tone, but plants are what breathes life into a patio space. However, when winter rolls around, you need stunning patio plants that can also handle the cold weather. While other patios are filled with dead branches, yours will be filled with color and character. Here are 5 desert plants that will let you enjoy the patio through the winter months.

1. Golden Barrel Cactus

With yellow needles that glow in golden evening light, this small, round cactus is a hallmark of desert gardening. Along with being a beautiful addition to any patio, the barrel cactus is very easy to care for. In fact, during the winter they barely need any care at all!

Golden barrel cactus with flowers patio plant

– Watering: Only water a few times throughout the winter months, and make sure all the water drains out of the pot. They easily get root rot if they sit in water.

– Light: Direct sunlight. If your patio is covered, place it somewhere it is still getting sun all day.

– Potting: A cactus soil mix is best since it helps water completely drain out of the pot.



2. Red and Yellow Chuparosa

Chuparosa need minimal care, have beautiful color, and bloom all winter. It’s as if they were designed to be perfect winter patio plants! However, there is an added bonus to planting these desert shrubs. Along with adding a splash of color, Chuparosa’s tube-like flowers also attract hummingbirds (Chuparosa actually means hummingbird in Spanish). Imagine sitting on your patio on a crisp, clear desert evening, hummingbirds flitting from bloom to bloom, a glass of wine, good friends—sounds good, right?

– Watering: One good watering a month. If you overwater, it may fail to bloom and grow to an unmanageable size.

– Light: Direct sunlight. While they can survive in the shade if the air is warm enough, it’s best if they receive direct sunlight all day.

– Potting: Sandy or rocky soil is best to promote water drainage. Chuparosa can end up 3-6 feet in height, so give them plenty of room to grow.

3. Portuguese Squill

Native to the warm climates of the Western Mediterranean, Portuguese Squill is a bulb that will pepper your patio with pale blue-purple blooms in late winter. They need a bit of attention to maintain, but not much. Add these patio plants to your list to get a taste of Mediterranean bliss in your own backyard. Close your eyes, breathe in their delicate scent, and be transported to the sunny Italian coast.

– Watering: Water regularly. They are drought-tolerant, but shouldn’t stay dry for too long.

– Light: Direct sunlight or light shade.

– Potting: Plant in a mixture of sand, chalk, and loam, and ensure good drainage.Tuscan blue rosemary patio plant

4. Tuscan Blue Rosemary

Another Mediterranean favorite! From the rolling green hills of Tuscany to your own backyard, Rosemary make great winter patio plants. Although they often don’t bloom until early spring, their grey-green leaves have an understated beauty. The main draw, though, is the smell. Rosemary drapes any space with a fresh herbal aroma and is a delicious ingredient in many recipes. So, plant some Rosemary, make some pasta, and enjoy a wonderfully aromatic winter lounging on the patio.

– Watering: Water when the top few inches of soil feel dry.

– Light: Full sun exposure, at least 6 hours a day.

– Soil: Cactus mix for the best drainage.

5. Desert Globemallow

Of all the plants on the list, Globemallow has the greatest variety of colors. Most have apricot colored flowers, but others have white, pink, lavender, or purple flowers. But don’t let the delicate colors fool you, because this may be the toughest plant on the list. They can survive temperatures as low as 10° Fahrenheit! They will shrug off even the coldest desert nights. However, they do require a little work. You’ll want to cut back spent stalks throughout the year to get the best blooms.

– Watering: Less is more with Globemallow. Only water during long dry periods.

– Light: Full sun throughout the day.

– Soil: Sandy or clay-rich soil.

The patio plants covered on the blog today will make it look like springtime in December in your backyard! This winter, it’s time to grab a spade, pot some gorgeous desert plants, and keep the good times going on the patio. At Premier Patio, we can help you create the perfect winter patio with our huge selection of pots. Contact us today and we’ll make sure you get the right pot for your winter plants!




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